First on the planet: Clickwalk has delivered the world's first city-wide, street-level visual reality, based on real cities, since 1999.

Seeing is believing. Perception is reality. Image is everything.

Clickwalk marketing page.

This page is about using Clickwalk for marketing stores, shopping malls, museums, galleries, hotels and more

Question 1 - "An open and shut case":

Why don't you want the closed briefcase?

Let's assume you are looking for a store on the Net, located close to where you live. You find a number of them, and they all have adresses, phone numbers and maybe some glossy pictures of brand name goods on their websites. And the stores are about as anonymous as the closed briefcase.

If one of the stores are open, you can see what you are getting. If you can walk right in and look around in realistic images, you immediately know what kind of store this is. And what you see is far more likely to stick in your memory than any text you read.

Q. 2: How do you open your briefcase

Clickwalk delivers services that will transform your store into an open briefcase, giving you a sharp competitive edge. (Example: "Walk-right-in", see "Products".) Even though your store doesn't contain $500,000, the same principle applies: WYSIWYG - "what you see is what you get", and most people prefer that.

People who look for stores on the net want to buy something. Clickwalk helps companies take care of these customers by displaying their biggest investment, the store itself.

Q. 3: What do you need visibility for?

A common belief is that visibility on the net is about search engine optimization (SEO), meaning getting as high up on the search results as possible for relevant search words. However, most visitors to websites don't get there through search engines. Visibility on the net is therefore more a question of what you leave on the "retentina" of the customer after the visit. (By "retentina" we mean the function of memory that relies on visual stimuli.)

Clickwalk is popular because it is a tool for achieving both kinds of visibility. Clickwalk also contributes to improved search engine placement, but the most important benefit is literal visibility. The high cost effectiveness of Clickwalk as a marketing tool is a result of exploiting the considerable investments in the store itself, rather than inventing more or less ingenious advertising tricks.

Q. 4: Do you believe what you see?

It has been physically proven that large parts of the brain are devoted to sight, so visual impressions are important. Seeing is believing, animation is better than still images, and reality is the best.

Believability is also important, and the realistic, visual reality that Clickwalk delivers is simply visual believability.

Q. 5: What can you see right now?

In the column to the left are the Clickwalk cities in Norway as presented in the old Clickwalk prototype of 1999. We were very early, in fact earlier than everyone else, so this is old, even though it is still popular. The new Clickwalk Takeoff will have newer image quality and a completely different user interface, which we until the release will only present in closed meetings.

Q. 6: How to contact Clickwalk?

Send e-mail to, or call Kjell Øystein Arisland at +47 92825510.

Q. 7: Why do we believe pride sells?

We are proud of Clickwalk and believe we should continue to be proud to ensure that Clickwalk prevails as a good product.

We believe that customers notice the difference between pride and lack of interest, and that emotions control more actions than most people are willing to admit. This especially concerns selection of some of the most expensive goods, such as house, car and boat, but also e.g. mobile phone, books, clothes and groceries. Emotions are in control and pride sells, in our opinion.

(The photo is from the Vigeland park, the pride of Oslo. Clickwalk-image.)

Q. 8: How do you express pride in Clickwalk?

In Clickwalk, businesses can display their biggest investments in pride, conveying their emotion to the customers to make them notice that which is on display.

A website that focuses solely upon products becomes indistinguishable from all the others that sell the same products. Products come and go, but it is the store and its credibility that are the main investments.

Store premises, production facilities, showrooms, outside areas, interiors, machinery and equipment in shopping malls, hotels, workshops and much more can be huge investments, and likewise well trained personnel, developed local goodwill and more. To make use of all this for sales purposes by making it visible on the net, Clickwalk is an effective tool.

Q 9: Can you contribute to the Clickwalk Takeoff?

As mentioned on this page, several large Internet players are currently copying what we created in Clickwalk ten years ago. Since then, we have developed completely new methods, and we expect a lot of positive reviews when we launch our new concepts and solutions in Clickwalk Takeoff.

We consider our field of activity a completely new medium on the net, and in Clickwalk Takeoff the focus will be on the companies that first present innovative and captivating uses of this new medium. Therefore we are looking for customers and partners who have something special to present and/or are interested in putting a little extra effort into creating something out of the ordinary, that will catch people's attention.

The public interest in this new medium is increasing fast (e.g. in the U.S., France and China), so we believe some truly innovative presentations will receive international attention. We have some sketches for such presentations and are right now looking for the right partners.

(The picture shows the space shuttle Atlantis, from NASA)

Q 10: What else do you want to know?

To hear more, please contact us, and we'll see what we can do. The contact info again:, or call Kjell Øystein Arisland at +47 92825510.

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